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Hello everyone, and welcome to my arcade webpage! Here you'll find info on the games I own, and restoration work that I've done. The Auction section contains price listings from auctions held in the Kansas City area. The links section has some helpful links to pages you should visit if you're new to arcade collecting, and links to some personal webpages of fellow KLOV message board members. Enjoy!

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New auction results added to the site for the 9/12/10 United Amusement auction in Grandview MO.


Found an auction price listing for the August 23rd, 2008 United Amusement Auction. Thanks again to yoalpster, and no thanks to me for losing it for a year :P


More auction results from the March 1st auction. Very small, but had some really good deals.


A new year, and to start it off, I finally post some auction results from last August! Big thanks to yoalpster for sending me this.


New auction prices online in the auction section.


This is almost old news at this point, but I finally got to putting my pictures from the California Extreme online!


New auction results up! Missing some prices, since I left early though.


Just got the results up from the March 5th 2006 auction added! Thanks to yoalpster for the price list, as I was unable to attend.


New auction results up!


Just put up the auction results from the 11-20-05 auction... There's another one on 12-10-05; not sure if I'll be able to make that one, but here's hoping ;) I know this won't be uploaded until after the fact, but happy Thanksgiving! I'm in Colorado with family and no net access, so I'm updating now, but uploading later :p


I started work today on the new version of the site... It should be easier to get around and Internet Explorer users won't have that funky gap at the top anymore. That's IE's fault, not mine, but I still felt bad about it looking weird.

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